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One of the choices customers have to make when buying a giclee on canvas is whether or not they will be choosing to frame it, or hang it on the wall without a frame. There are pros and cons for each method.

Some people will choose to have their giclee framed because they think it looks "unfinished" without a frame to hang on their wall.

But an increasingly popular way of displaying art is to have it "gallery wrapped." All this means is having the artwork stretched on a strainer and hanging it without using a frame. Many artists are choosing this method when displaying their art because they like the idea of their artwork being displayed without having to spend time choosing an appropriate frame. They also like the clean lines that a gallery wrap gives their artwork.

We offer most of our giclees on canvas with the option to use the gallery wrap method or stretch the painting to be placed inside a frame.

Pieces that are shipped unstretched will be rolled in a tube with the appropriate paperwork and shipped USPS Priority Main. That service is $13.00

If you choose to have our gallery stretch your canvas and ship it, the postal fee is $45.00.

You may call the gallery with any questions concerning how our Gicless are wrapped:  817-624-4242

Shown above is the Susan Edison
original, "Trouble Maker." When finishing
the sides of her paintings, Susan will pick a
complimentary color to finish it.


Shown above is the Giclee "Double Adoration"
in which Susan has picked a 1 1/2 inch complimentary
color to finish off the sides.


Side View of "Donk-O-Lina"
which shows the colored
sides used to finish off the


There are times when a frame is not nessesary. Most artists now offer their canvas Giclees in a gallery warp. All this means
is is that we take the canvas and wrap it around the stretcher bars, then stapling from the back. Many artists color the sides of
their Giclees in a complimentary color. This gives the art a finished look with clean lines.
Below is part of the process we use to gallery wrap a Giclee.

After the stretcher bar has been cut, the piece is placed face down on the table and squared with the bars. An initial staple is placed on one side. The process is repeated on the oppisite side after making sure the canvas in lined up with the bars. Now, the other two sides are stapled securely from the back. After all four sides have been secured, the corners are folded in such a way to make each corner lay flat without any bulges. This requires a lot of practice.  A final staple is placed in each corner to hold the corners flat and neat. A backing and hanger is then attached to piece. Its now ready to hang. 

Adobe Western Art Gallery has it's own frame shop. The framers working here are experts in quality museum and conservation framing. We use
only the finest material available to us and have been in the picture framing industry for 35years.

Visit our web site:

Adobe Picture Framing

More Examples of Wrapped Giclees

Here you can see how a canvas giclee
looks hanging on a wall without frames.

Another view using a different configuration
and sizes.