Chuck DeHaan

Chuck DeHaan's paintings are noted for their exceptional portrayals of the West... It's unique beauty and history, and the proud spirit of it's people. His approach to painting is a natural outgrowth of his own experiences. As an accomplished rodeo rider, rancher, and cutting horse trainer, this multifaceted man has successfully intertwined the threads of art and ranching throughout much of his adult life. Following an unswerving dedication to excellence, Chuck has achieved a well-deserved reputation for artistic skill among his contemporaries in the arts, as well as with the many collectors who own his prints and paintings.

Original Art

Original art is available by coming in or inquiring by calling 817-624-4242


Available by inquiry by calling 817-624-4242.

"The Pipe Carrier"
Signed and Numbered Print
One in stock


"Turning The Leaders"
200 Signed and Numbered Giclee on Canvas
Stretched and ready to frame


"Brush Popper"
200 Signed and Numbered Giclee Print
Stretched and ready to frame.


"Foggy Morning Mystery"
Signed and Number Print
One in stock


"The Return"
Signed and Numbered Print
One in stock