Adobe Western Art Gallery
2400 North Main St.
Fort Worth, TX. 76164

Curtis Dykes

In his younger days, Curtis was a fustrated artist; always wanting to draw and paint like Charles Russell, but
never having much time because of all the farm work and chores. Later, he started taking casses at night. Over
the next several years, he managed to study with many well know artists. He also studied books on color theories
and methods of many famous artists. After painting for a few years in his spare time, he was finally able to devote
his full time to a career in art.
Like other artists, he has his own theories as to what makes a good painting. "To be sucessful, a painting should feel
comfortable. That is, you should be able to walk into the scene and be at ease with the things around you.

Adobe Western Art is no longer selling Mr. Dyke's prints. To purchase a print,
please contact the artist.

PrintSeveral original paintings are available in the gallery.