Jack Bryant, Jr.

Jack Bryant, Jr. is a wildlife artist in the truest sense of the word. Born and raised in a rural area of Texas, Jack was immersed in western and wildlife art from an early age, yet his skills are distinctively his own. This unique combination produced in him a love for animals and wildlife, the character of the Western way of life, and a burning desire to accurately portray that spirit in fine art.

Original Art

Original art is available by coming in or inquiring by calling 817-624-4242


"The Fighting Blue Marlin"

12L X 23H

"The Muy Grande"
Edition of 98

15L X 16H



9L X 21H

"Strong Medicine"
Edition of 98

13 1/2"H X 19"L

"To Meet the Challenge"
Edition of 98

13" h X 15"L

"Texas Heritage"
Edition of 98

10H X 17L

"Prairie Music"
Edition of 98

10 1/2"H X 13"L

"Black Buck"
Black Buck Antelope
Limited Edition of 48

12"H x 10" L

"Unpredictable Fury" 1
Edition of 10

23"H x 20" L x 15"W

"Unpredictable Fury" 2
Edition of 10

23"H x 20" L x 15"W

"Axis Deer"
Edition of 48

19½"H x 12"L

"The Greater Kudu"
Edition of 48

17½"H x 17" L

"Ghost of the Brush"
Edition of 48

15"H x 20"L