Mitchell 1876 Civil War Map

In 1876 when this superb folio map of Texas was published by the S.A. Mitchell Co., the frontier was still in flux, and the western counties including those on the barren and little known llano estacado had not yet been formed from the early territories. This oversize limited edition reproduction brings out many normally hard to see features. In this transitional period, the railroads had only reached as far west as Fort Worth & San Antonio. Shown are the major Indian war trails, the military roads still connecting all the frontier forts and many now-forgotten place names..
This is one of the few major post-Civil War maps that shows the entire state of Texas without chopping off either the Panhandle or the western sections which adds greatly to the visual appeal.
In addition, a very large part of Indian Territory and New Mexico is shown in full color and detail. The map features the trademark grapevine border coupled with effective but subtle handwash coloring. This is in direct contrast to the crude & garish "checkerboard" look of many of its contemporaries.
This may be one of the most beautiful of the many Mitchell maps of Texas , and possibly one of the best looking Texas maps ever published.
The sample picture shown is at very low Internet resolution and reduced in size. It does not even begin to show the detail and quality of the actual map. All Antique Maps of Texas (tm) reproductions are scanned at 300+ dpi and offer fantastic resolution and detail even in reduced sized prints.
The Perfect Gift: As period decor, a business gift, and as a working map for writers, scholars, schools, historians, researchers.
Frame Size: The sheet size fits nicely in easily available stock frames. All maps are printed on very heavy linen-finish acid-free paper with archival inks. Beautiful in a frame, but also capable of withstanding continuous handling and everyday use.
While there is nothing like owning an original map, a quality reproduction offers access to almost unavailable maps, affordable pricing and the opportunity to actually use the map rather than just protect it. Unlike many cheap reproductions which are taken from easily available archives and reproduced on inferior poster paper or inflexible "parchment" for effect, all maps from Electric Books are professional quality products on expensive high quality paper stock. In addition, we actually own or have the rights to all of the maps which we reproduce. They are direct :1 to :1 high resolution reproductions from the originals, not downloaded copies of copies of copies...