Texas Cattle Trails

This Texas Trails map is a parchment toned reproduction of the superb 1876 S. A. Mitchell County Map of Texas from an original in the Electric Books collection. It is thought to be one of the best Texas and Southwestern maps ever published for the period after the Civil War through the end of the 19th century.
Upon it we laid, in color, the documented routes of the major Texas and Southwestern northbound cattle trails including the Chisholm/Eastern Trail, the Western Trail, the Goodnight-Loving Trail and the Shawnee Trail, as well as the later route of the Butterfield Overland Stage Lines. In addition, we detailed the locations of the major Frontier and Indian Territory military forts including some very early private forts. This highly detailed post Civil War map also shows some historic locations like Jesse Chisholm's Ranch, the Chisholm Store in Indian Territory, the famous Red River Crossing on the Chisholm Trail in Montague County, Doan's Crossing of the Red River in Wilbarger County on the Western Trail and Horsehead Crossing on the Goodnight-Loving Trail and Butterfield Stage route..
In Texas and the Southwest, the period after the Civil War from about 1865 to the middle 1890's was turbulent with reconstruction, the final Indian Wars, the development of long distance transportation including the telegraph, stage lines and railroads. The cattle drives rebuilt a staggering Texas economy and opened up a new food source to all of the United States. For those interested, click on the topics below. The material is from the superb Handbook of Texas Online.